B-Side BBQ is a full service restaurant located in West Oakland, California. It’s our second restaurant, or you could say it’s “the b side” of our first restaurant, Brown Sugar Kitchen (also in West Oakland).

Why open a barbecue joint? When we first set eyes on the space at 3303 San Pablo, we knew right away that that smoked meats were in our future. As many bay area folks know, San Pablo Avenue, stretching from Oakland to, well, San Pablo, had a reputation of being home to many classic barbecue “rib joints”. Holes in the wall, usually with wood burning ovens, secret sauces, and minimal decor. Over the years, several of these establishments have closed down, and San Pablo hasn’t been the “barbecue belt” it once was.

We felt that it’s time to bring barbecue back to San Pablo (and beyond)! We’ve taken inspiration from the barbecue spots from the past, and made changes that reflect who we are as people, and how we like to eat. This means we use local, sustainable, and organic ingredients, whenever possible. We have a cozy dining area with classic blues, country and rock n roll spilling from the speakers. Our carefully chosen wine and beer selection pairs exceptionally well with our cuisine.

Customers are already asking, “Are you Kansas City style? Texas style? St. Louis Style?” As some of you already know, I trained at La Varrenne in Burgundy France, and then worked in many kitchens over the years. My sauces, rubs, and techniques are not tied to any particular region. If we have to label our ‘cue, let’s call it “Oakland Style”. Did we mention we have a huge wood fired smoker in back? Please, follow the smoke signals and get down here!

C’mon down to the B-Side!


Tanya Holland & Phil Surkis

ps – If you decide to visit B-Side, please note the artwork by Oakland artist, April Banks. We commissioned April to create an installation which honored the African-American cowboys who played an important part in settling the old west. We think you’ll find the finished work stunning, and also quite surprising!

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